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Bingo is one of the most popular games in all the online casinos. It is also known as one of the easiest casino games which are available in the online casinos. The payouts in the online casinos are really good in bingo than those available in the land based casinos. The online casinos also offer extremely pleasant user interface and graphics to play the game online. These are many reasons for the fame of this game in these casinos. It is really an easy game and you can easily learn to play bingo in the online casino tutorials.


Bingo is a board game which needs a bingo card to play. Over this card, there are many rows and columns and many random numbers are displayed. Different variants have different numbers so these rows and columns and obviously have different count of numbers. Like all the other casino games, it is also played against the house. You are supposed to buy a card and then you can get off with this game. The new numbers are drawn and these are shown on the screen and you are supposed to mark off these numbers on your card if present.  The online casinos do not offer you any option to select the numbers on the card by yourself. There would be very few casinos which might allow you to select and fill the numbers in the rows and columns of the card by yourself. Else these numbers are always provided by the random automated system of the game which actually operates the game on random basis.


There are many varieties of bingo which are available in the online casinos and you have a wide choice here. You can play any of these variants of the game - 75 balls, 80 balls, 90 balls bingo, the coverall bingo and the Deal or no deal bingo in these casinos on the web.  The rules to win in all these variants are different like some variants might accept certain patterns to be marked off and then some other variant might ask you to mark off all the numbers. Hence, before you begin to play any variety of the game, you must make the rules clear to yourself.